Youtube Channel? Where I’ve been?

Hey Guys, So I suppose most of you have noticed that I haven't been on my blog for a while now (or you haven't noticed but hey you came back so I appreciate it) To be honest I don't have a proper reason why I stopped doing my blog, it was more that I had… Continue reading Youtube Channel? Where I’ve been?


Eyebrow Routine🎀💕

In this blog I am talking about my eyebrow routine, this is how I do my eyebrows in every make up look I do and on a day to day basis. Let's get into the blog!🎀💕 In the picture above is the two products and the brush that I use for my brows. I use… Continue reading Eyebrow Routine🎀💕


Modern Renaissance Palette – Makeup Look🎀💕

Today I thought I would bring you a Makeup look, I'm slowly bringing my confidence up to upload and write about Makeup looks that I do. I know I'm not the best but if you don't practice then you will never get better and I like telling you guys about make up looks with different… Continue reading Modern Renaissance Palette – Makeup Look🎀💕