Mini Bodyshop Haul🎀💕

I’ve been wanting to try Body Shops’s beauty range for a while but never had the time to look in there so at the weekend, I decided I would give it a go. I was amazed by their beauty range and how many different shades there were. I knew that they did Foundation and make up Brushes but was surprised to find they did matte liquid lipsticks, Eyeshadow palettes, BB Creams and a lot of other things, they had a 3 for 2 offer on when I looked at the weekend so I thought it would be the perfect time to try some of their products. I brought a foundation, a BB Cream and a liquid lipstick💕

I brought the BB Cream to just have a try because I never use BB Cream but I wanted to try it out. I brought the BB Cream in the shade 03 which I thought would be the perfect shade for me but it was pure white so I could only use it as moisturiser and Primer🎀  I brought this for £12 and all in all I think I will use this again as it was a good Primer and kept my foundation on my face all day✨

Next I looked at their foundation range, I’ve heard amazing things about their foundation so thought I would give it a go. I brought the foundation for £15 and in the shade 020 Bali Vanilla, now I am very funny with what foundation I use as I never really had a favourite until I brought the Dior Forever Foundation and it is very difficult to find a foundation that matches up to that one. When I applied this foundation to my face I was quite impressed, it blended well with my skin tone and blended out easily but I wasn’t very happy with the little coverage it had. I’m sure if I built the product up more by adding more layers on then I would love this foundation more but overall I will use it again but it doesn’t live up to the Dior foundation🎀

I then browsed their Matte Liquid Lipsticks, I brought this one in the shade 034 Nairobi Camellia and it was £6. I was so impressed with this lipstick as not only was it a beautiful colour, it was also long wear. I wore this all day and topped it up once, for the price I wasn’t expecting much as I’m use to buying more expensive lipsticks but I am so happy I tried this and so excited to go back and buy more colours. The lipstick wasn’t drying and it looked stunning🎀

Comment below what you would like me to review next✨ Until next time, Beccy x


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