Urban Decay Smoky Palette🎀💕

Today I thought I would review the urban decay naked Smoky Palette, I love all of Urban Decays products and I especially love their Eyeshadow palettes. Their palettes are so blendable and easy to make so many different looks from✨ 

This is what the Palette looks like, I use this Palette if I am going out to a party and want a subtle look. I use the shade ‘whiskey’ in the crease and use a blending brush to blend it out, then I use the shade ‘combust’ on my lid which I use a regular flat brush to apply. Finally I use the shade ‘dirtysweet’ to go over the shade ‘combust’ and I also use a flat brush for this. All of the shades in this Palette work well together and all look amazing✨ The look I create with the Palette is the photo below💕

Leave a comment down below your thoughts and if there is anything you want me to review next✨🎀  Until next time, Beccy x


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