Glitter Eyes Glitter and Liquid🎀💕

I found the Glitter Eyes website and Instagram page through one of my favourite make up artists on Instagram. I loved the look of all of their glitters and was very unsure about which glitter to buy. All of their glitters are beautiful and look amazing, they also do rainbow highlighters that look stunning💕

I ordered this glitter in the shade ‘single rose’, I also ordered the Glitter Fix Liquid. To use these glitters you have to dip your brush into the liquid and then into the glitter to give you the best effect. I was majorly impressed with this brand as the shade is stunning and the glitter is so easy to apply. You do have to brush the glitter with an Eyeshadow brush a few times in order to get a lot of glitter to apply to your lid but I was expecting that when I ordered it✨ These glitters are easy to blend and stay on all day, there is no fall out with these glitters which I was expecting so was very surprised when I ordered it. To create my make up look below I used the Fall into Frost Palette by Morphe Brushes to create the Eyeshadow underneath and then applied the glitter over the top, I then used Urban Decay Perversion mascara on my lashes🎀

Leave a comment down below of your thoughts and whether there is anything you want me to review next🎀💕 Until next time, Beccy x


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