Modern Renaissance Palette🎀💕

I purchased the Modern Renaissance Palette a little while ago and fell in love straight away. The Palette is quite autumnal but makes so many amazing make up looks, all the colours work well together and create gorgeous looks💕

The packaging of this Palette is stunning, the case is a soft material. When you open the Palette you are greeted with a mirror which I love in Eyeshadow palettes and a brush which I also love. Then all of the stunning colours that are included in this look. The main colours I use are red ochre in my crease, love letter on the outer part of my lid and then Vermeer on the rest of the lid. I absolutely love this look and it is my go to make up look. Today I tried a new look and a cut crease for the first time! So today I used red ochre and Venetian Red for the crease then Vermeer in the inner lid and primavera in the outer of my lid, I was quite unsure of  this look as I haven’t done it before so wasn’t use to it🎀 This the look below- 


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