Lottie London Shimmer Squad🎀💕

I recently was on youtube watching my favourite youtubers and I came across one video that was called ‘testing Lottion London make up’. I was very intrigued and in the video they only used Lottie London products and the one of the products that stood out for me the most was the Shimmer Squad Palette. It looked absolutely stunning and the swatches were amazing🎀

This is what the Palette looks like. I love the packaging as it’s pretty simple and not over the top like some packaging can be. Inside the Palette has four shades and has a mirror which I love! The four colours are called the good girl, the flirt, the troublemaker and the queen bee. Each shade is absolutely stunning and you can build up the shades if you want a more intense highlighter🎀

Lottie London is a high street brand and can be found in Superdrug which is where I brought the Palette from. I was so lucky to get my hands on this Palette because when I looked on the website all the Shimmer Squad Palettes had sold out but when I looked in the shop they had one left. I was so lucky! I use this Palette most days when I’m doing a full make up look and not just the basic foundation, concealer, eyebrows and mascara. I prefer this Palette so much more than the Anastasia Beverley Hills glow kits and this Palette only costs £9.95! The swatches of the Palette are in the picture below with the names of each highlight shade.

Let me know in the comment your thoughts🎀💕 Until next time, Beccy x 


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