Avon Magix Setting Powder and Freedom Lipsticks🎀💕

Today I am reviewing two products again because of the same reasons as last time, I wouldn’t be able to create a blog post on these items separately as there wouldnt be enough to write. The products I am reviewing are completely different to each other and not linked in any way. First I am going to start with the Avon Magix Setting Powder and then move on to the lipsticks💕

Avon is a totally affordable and trustworthy brand which sell amazing make up products and Brushes! I am in love with there brushes especially their blending brush as it is perfect size for the crease. Anyway the Avon Magix Setting Powder is the best Powder I have used for baking! It is a translucent loose Powder and works so well. I usually pour a bit out into the lid and then spray my real techniques beauty blender with Setting spray and dip it into the Powder and apply it to my face, I find this is the best way to apply this Powder and makes it so much easier. Also there is no flashback! I would rate this product a 10 and I would recommend it endlessly✨

Next the freedom lipsticks, I brought these because 1. They were an amazing price, 5 full size lipsticks for £5 and 2. Because they did different colours in each box. The colours varied in each box, one box had darker shades in like dark reds etc, another bright pinks and so on, I decided to go for the nude colours as nude lipsticks are my favourite colours and you don’t usually see me wearing any other colour on my lips. These five shades are pretty much the same and they only really have the slightest difference but they are good! I do find the lipsticks a little bit drying and they don’t usually last as long as my MAC lipsticks but I would definitely recommend because of the price and the colour range in the boxes. The swatches for these lipstick shades are below🎀

Let me know in the comments what you think and whether there is anything you would like me to review🎀💕 Until next time, Beccy x


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