MUA Foundation v Dior Forever Foundation🎀💕

In this blog post I am reviewing two foundations, one that worked for me and one that didn’t. I chose to review the MUA Skin Define Foundation and the Dior Forever Foundation, just a little disclaimer I have nothing against either of these brands and just because the products didn’t work for me doesn’t mean it won’t work for everyone🎀💕

First I am reviewing the Dior Forever foundation, this foundation is presented as an everlasting wear foundation and pore-refining effect foundation. This foundation cost £33 and I bought this from Boots, this foundation claims to last 16hours and gives a luminous matte finish and flawless correction. This foundation was my ride or die Foundation for a while, I absolutely loved this foundation as it worked so well for my skin and was fairly matte which I liked. The coverage bearing in mind it claimed to be matte wasn’t the best as it didn’t cover my dark under eye circles or my spots but I still loved this foundation! From the first day I bought this I couldn’t find another foundation that lived up to this as it was such a good foundation for my skin! This foundation did last all day which I loved and I didn’t have to keep topping it up, I rate this product a 9/10 because it wasn’t the best coverage but the foundation is still amazing💫

Next on the cheaper side of things at £4 was the MUA Skin Define Matte Perfect foundation and I brought this off of MUAstore, as you can tell from the pump I haven’t used this Foundation as much as the Dior one because this foundation was a major dislike for me, for a couple of reasons. I bought this because the price was really good and I would have been really chuffed if I had like it, also I had seen mixed reviews about this foundation and wanted to try it out for myself! I brought this in the shade Ivory Flush which I guessed would be colour, when I saw the bottle for the first time I was so confused about the colour as it looks really dark from the outside but once I had pumped a bit on the back of my hand I realised it was my colour. The reason why this product wa a major dislike for me was because when the product said it was matte I knew that I was getting a full coverage Foundation but when I applied this to my face it felt extremely heavy and I had to take it straight off as it was really too heavy for my face. When I tried to blend this foundation into my skin, because it was so matte I found it very difficult to blend and move around my skin. If you are looking for a majorly matte foundation then this is for you because I haven’t found a matte foundation that is as matte and heavy as this! Overall I would rate this product a 4/10 as it really didn’t work for me and was far too heavy for my skin✨

Let me know in the comments what you thought and if there is anything you would like me to review🎀💕 Until next time, Beccy x


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