Primark Lashes🎀💕

Today I am reviewing primark eyelashes! I am so excited to be sharing my opinion with you guys and telling you exactly what I think of each lash set! So let’s get started🎀

So here are four packs of lashes that I have brought from Primark, as you can see I have used three different ones and have yet to try the fourth one (as I brought them last weekend). I brought the Sultry ones, Intense ones, Volume ones and Define ones, and I was so excited to try them all out! I was majorly impressed with each pair I tried and for only £1 each I was surprised at how good they were!🎀

The lashes above are the Intense ones and as you can see these have had a lot of wear hence why they are looking a bit tatty. I am in love with these lashes and am definitely going back to Primark to buy some more! These were so easy to apply and looked really nice on my eyes, they were quite subtle but you could tell they were longer than your natural eyelashes💫

Next is the Define eyelashes, these again have been used a lot as they add extra volume and make your natural eyelashes look thicker. I loved these also because they applied easily and suited my eyes, these ones were by my far my favourite ones out of the three I tried but I loved them all. Like the intense ones I’m going back to primark to purchase some more of this style✨

Finally the volume lashes, these were a bit trickier to apply as when I got them out the packet they were pretty much a straight line so I have to use my tweezers to curve these along my eyelash line. These lashes definitely added volume and were a bit too much to wear for everyday use but I would probably wear these on a night out. I did love these lashes though as they looked amazing in the packet and on the eyes!💕

Let me know in the comments your thoughts and whether there is anything you would like me to review🎀💕 Until next time, Beccy x


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