Avon Makeup Haul🎀💕

Today I am doing something a bit different on my blog as I don’t think I have reviewed or wrote any hauls on Avon make up. My mum started doing Avon last year and I’ve ordered Avon make up ever since she started doing it, Avon make up in my opinion has some amazing products for quite cheap prices. I thought I would start this section of blogs so you guys can see which products you can get from Avon and also what are good products from them! 

In my most recent Avon order I ordered, 15 sample lipsticks for £1.50 (the swatches are in the picture below), a translucent Setting Powder, a fan brush, a face illuminator and a prime and set spray for £9.20 (this was a gift that came when I ordered 3 products from the new Avon brand, Mark. and also came with a black make up bag). I then also ordered a be blushed Cream blush stick and a plump it lip gloss. I have tried the translucent Setting Powder and the prep and prime spray before and I love both of these products. I use these products to bake my face with, I spray my beauty blender with the prime and set spray and then dip it into the powder and put the powder under my eyes and anywhere else I concealed. Avon make up brushes are honestly incredible, they are so soft and so easy to work with and I own so many of them! I am so excited to try all the other products in make up looks💫

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, let me know in the comments if you think I should carry on doing Avon make up hauls and telling you which products work well for me!🎀💕 Until next time, Beccy x


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