Drugstore vs High end Mascara🎀💕

Today I’m doing a review on high end mascaras and drug store Mascaras, I’m reviewing four Mascaras that I use or have used in the past. I have two from high end and two from the drug store brands, my high end mascaras are the Benefit they’re real and Urban Decay perversion, from the drug store brands I have Avon true Colour and Rimmel extra super lash. Also just because these products didn’t work for me doesn’t mean they are bad products, they just didn’t work me and I am so happy if these products work for you💕🎀

The first one I am reviewing is the Avon true Colour mascara, I only recently ordered this and I was impressed by it. The price of the Avon was cheap so I wasn’t expecting a good mascara but I was very shocked to find that it looked nice on my eyes and gave my eyelashes length. Overall I wouldn’t use this product everyday as I don’t rate it as much as my other mascaras but I would definitely use it if my others ran out💋 

The Rimmel extra super lash, I was once again quite shocked at this Mascara because for its price it is one of the best mascaras I have used, as you can probably tell from the label in the picture. This made my lashes long and full, even though I still had to wear false eyelashes with the mascara I was still impressed and if I wanted a break from false lashes I wouldn’t mind wearing this out to the shops or wherever. Out of the two drug store brands I would definitely buy the Rimmel more than the Avon as I prefer it a lot more💕

The Urban Decay Perversion is my favourite mascara, it made my lashes super long and also fuller so I didn’t have to wear false lashes with this mascara as just the mascara made my eyes stand out. The only problem I had was that if you did too many strokes than the mascara went clumpy on your lashes but other than that I would recommend this product endlessly💕

The Benefit they’re real mascara was given to me in a Benefit Gift Set and I was very excited to try it, I loved this product and I couldn’t believe how little effort I had to put in to make my lashes stand out, even though I did still wear false eyelashes I probably wouldn’t have needed to as this mascara did give my lashes a fuller look. Overall I would probably use the Urban Decay one more but I would not hesitate to buy the Benefit mascara again🎀
Let me know in the comments what you think and let me know if there is anything you want me to review💕🎀 Until next time, Beccy x


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