Lush Bathbombs🎀💕

Today I’m doing a review on lush bath bombs. I only have four I can review as I have only recently got into lush bath bombs as I was scared they would react to my skin as I have quite sensitive skin but I was so surprised when I tried them as they didn’t react with my skin and actually made my skin feel really smooth and soft. I have absolutely found a love for these bath bombs and I can’t wait to buy a lot more✨💋

The bath bombs I have tried out are:

  •  Tisty Tosty Bath bomb
  • Think Pink Bath bomb
  • The Comforter Bubble Bar
  • Butterbear Bath bomb

The Butterbear Bath bomb was the first bath bomb I tried by lush and after this bath bomb I was hooked, it smelt so amazing and I was instantly drawn to the scent in the shop. It made my skin feel very soft🎀

The Think Pink bath bomb I got for my birthday and it looked so cute, I absolutely loved the three little flowers inside of the bath bomb that came out once the bath bomb had melted, it made my skin so soft like the first bath bomb💕

The Comforter Bubble Bar i was very unsure of at first as I wasn’t too keen on the smell, when I put it in the bath it made my bath pink which I loved and this made my skin feel absolutely amazing, and in the end the smell wasn’t as bad as I first thought✨

The Tisty Tosty bath bomb I haven’t actually tried yet as I’m a bit skeptical because of the dead flowers in the bath bomb but I am still quite excited to try it because I love the smell of the bath bomb💋

Let me know in the comments what you want me yo review or blog about🎀💕 Until next time, Beccy x


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