W7 Brow Parlour🎀💕

I am reviewing the W7 Brow Parlour today, I received this for Christmas and never really tried it as I live by the ABH Dipbrow Pomade but recently I thought I would give this a go as sometimes I get bored of products when I use them day in day out. On first thoughts of the brand W7 I’ve never really used the brand bar an Eyeshadow Palette that was quite disappointing so haven’t really rated or tried anymore products but here we are🎀

Inside the kit is a brow wax, a highlighting Powder, and two Brow powders. Then a set of angled tweezers and an angled brush and Brow comb. I haven’t used the set of tools because they are both too small for my liking so wouldn’t reach for them personally, usually I throw away the little brushes as they don’t work well for me. The Palette is nice and presented nicely, the packaging is pink which is my favourite colour and I like that the kit has everything you need to do your brows! 

To create my Brow look down below I used the darker Brow Powder and my Morphe angled brush then I also used the highlighter in the kit for my Brow highlight. I loved the Brow Powder and it did give my eyebrows a really nice look and wasn’t as intense as the Dipbrow Pomade which I actually quite liked. When I used the highlighter I was very disappointed, the highlight didn’t show up and it looks like I haven’t even got highlight on but other than that I was impressed with the Brow Powder and how it made my eyebrows look🎀

Let me know in the comments your thoughts and whether there is anything you would like me to review🎀💕 Until next time, Beccy x


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