June Birchbox Review🎀💕

Today I am bringing you this Months Birchbox Review! I love doing these reviews for you and I love hearing your feedback so please keep commenting and liking my posts as I love bringing you honest reviews on products that you may want to buy! Anyway today is the June Birchbox Review!🎀

This months Birchbox was actually a Birchbag! During the month of May everyone who is subscribed to Birchbox received an email to pick which Birchbag they wanted, the choice was between mint green or yellow. I picked mint green as I thought it went better with the purple on the bag and I am so happy with my choice! It looks amazing and I am so happy that I get to use this as a makeup bag✨

Next the products, I received five products like I do every month and I am so excited to tell you what I received! First I pulled out the Cowshed Cow Pat Hand Cream, I wasn’t really overly excited about this product as I don’t really use hand cream but I thought I would give it a go. The RRP is £8 and in the description it says that it is filled with rejuvenating essential oils, these oils are grapefruit and coriander. I hate the smell of coriander so I was hoping that the grapefruit would overpower it but it didn’t and the product stank of coriander, so bad that I had to wash my hands straight away because I couldn’t handle the smell. I wouldn’t buy this product again because of this. Next I received the Amika Perk up dry Shampoo, the RRP is £20 and I was quite excited to try another dry shampoo brand. I haven’t actually tried this out yet but I am looking forward to trying it as it claims that it cleanses, refreshes and strengthens hair. Next I pulled out the Scrub Love Body Scrub, this product didn’t jump out at me as I don’t use body scrubs that often, the fragrance is Coconut Mango and the RRP is £11.95. The description says that it is made from 100% natural ingredients that exfoliates the skin. 

The next two products I was most excited about as they were Makeup products and we all know how I love Makeup. First is a waterproof Eyeliner by the brand Arrow, this was a Birchbox exclusive and the RRP is £12. It is a nude colour eyeliner which brightens tired eyes, this product is vegan and cruelty free which is amazing. I am so excited to try this product out especially if it brightens your eyes. Finally I received a browliner by the brand MeechNMia in the shade #021. This was full size and the RRP is £12.99, it is cruelty free and has been created to glide on for naturally defined arches. Overall I am happy with my products and can’t wait to try the ones I haven’t yet out!💫

Let me know in the comments your thoughts and whether there is anything you would like me to review🎀💕 Also I am close to 100 followers so please give this post a like and follow me because I would really appreciate it! Until next time, Beccy x


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