Mark. Glow on Foundation🎀💕

Mark is a new brand that Avon had created, they sell a range of products from primers to lipsticks and all their products are super affordable. I have brought a number of things from the brand and I have been impressed with all the products that I have used. Recently I decided to order and try out their foundation. Ages ago I saw photos on Facebook of how much oil a number of foundations has in them, an Avon foundation was tested and it had the least oil out of all the foundations that was tested, I was quite impressed by this even though I don’t have oily skin🌟

Above is what the foundation and packaging looks like, I love the packaging as it is so simple and the products always look well presented every time I purchase a product. The foundation I believe cost me £6 which is amazing and I was super excited to see how much I would like or not like this product. I ordered the foundation in the shade Creamy Natural and it also is spf15. When I first put this on the back of my hand it felt very heavy and thick so I was expecting it to be quite full coverage even though on the packaging it says ‘natural radiance foundation’. I applied this to my face and even though it felt heavy on my hand it was quite light and blended really well. The foundation didn’t have much coverage even after 2 layers of foundation but it did give me a glow which is clearly what the foundation is intended for✨

Overall I wouldn’t use this product everyday but I would definitely use it if I was trying to create a natural, glowing look. I think the product is good in the case of it did give ,y face a glow and looked nice on the skin but I was disappointed with how little coverage there was. I probably wouldn’t purchase this again but I may change my mind when I use it more💫

Let me know in the commented your thoughts and whether there is anything you would like me to review🎀💕 Please give this like and follow me for many more beauty reviews and make up looks! Until next time, Beccy x


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