Skincare Routine🎀💕

Today I am bringing you my skincare routine, I live by this routine and I don’t like changing my routine unless a product comes along that I fall in love with! Let’s get into it!🎀

In the picture above are most of the products I use in my skin routine I have a number of things ranging from make up to spot creams. 

Firstly I start by putting the Estée Lauder Advanced Night repair all over my face and rubbing it in. This little bottle lasts such a long time and I have so happy it does, I’ve been using this since about March and I’ve still got a quarter left which is amazing because the product is relatively expensive so I’m glad it’s lasted so long. The product is amazing and makes my skin feel so soft after just applying a small amount🎀

Next I put on my night Cream by Avon and this Cream is incredible! I received this out of a make up bag that Avon do and when I tried it I instantly fell in love but unfortunately I couldn’t find this product again to order it so I’ve ordered a different night Cream which is as equally good! To me this Cream sets the base kind of my skin care routine and preps my skin ready for a facemask to be applied💫

Next I apply a facemask, I do this three times a week and I feel like it helps my skin a lot. These three types of Facemasks and the Muddy Body face mask (use my discount code ‘beccy20’ for 5% off) are my favourites and I love them so much! They make my skin feel incredible and are my favourite part of my skin routine! My favourite facemask of all time is Muddy Body but this isn’t pictured as I had ran out and was waiting for my order to arrive!⭐️

Finally I use the Mario Badescu Drying lotion on any spots that I may have! This was £13 I believe from Beautybay and I’ve had this for ages and it is not even halfway yet, it is honestly incredible and I would recommend this product to anyone!🌟

Let me know in the comments your thoughts and whether there is anything you would like me to review🎀💕 Until next time, Beccy x 

Ps. Let me know if you would be up to seeing some travel blogs because me and my boyfriend are going to places like Brighton and Birmingham and I would quite like to do a blog on our adventures!⭐️💫

Also if you’ve read this far down in the blog, I’ve now got discount codes!!🙈

  • Dodo Lashes – beccyamber for 5% off 
  • Muddy Body – Beccy20 for 5% off

Thank you for all the support💙


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