Muddy Body Facemasks🎀💕

Today I am doing a review on the Muddy Body Facemasks, you probably saw my skincare haul where I briefly talked about this product and you also probably saw that I am a Muddy Body loyalist which means if you buy the product using my discount code I get points to then get some products sent to me. This in no way affects my judgement of the product and I would always give you an honest review about any products I buy or receive🎀

This is what the Muddy Body face masks look like, I love the black and gold writing together and how simple the design and packaging is. The Facemasks come in a little jar which you then have to pour the product into a bowl and mix with water to create the facemask! You honestly don’t need much of the Powder to make a facemask and only a little bit of water depending on how thick you want the facemask. I ordered the refresh clay mask and honestly I love it! When I applied it, it made my skin feel tight which I like in a facemask because I feel like it’s actually doing something to my skin. Once I took the facemask off my skin felt amazing! No facemask and this is honestly the truth has made my skin feeling that smooth and that soft! I love everything about these Facemasks and I can’t wait to order more!⭐️

Let me know in the comments your thoughts and whether there is anything you would like me to review🎀💕 Until next time, Beccy x Ps. Let me know if you would be up to seeing some travel blogs because me and my boyfriend are going to places like Brighton and Birmingham and I would quite like to do a blog on our adventures!⭐️💫

Also if you’ve read this far down in the blog, I’ve now got discount codes!!🙈

  • Dodo Lashes – beccyamber for 5% off 
  • Muddy Body – Beccy20 for 5% off

Thank you for all the support💙


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