Face base routine🎀💕

Firstly I didn’t have a clue what to call this because everything I put it as didn’t sound right so I just called it face base routine. This is basically a blog of how I do the base of my make up routine so before eyeshadow, highlight, lipstick etc. I’m quite excited to do this type of blog and I would love to know your thoughts in the comments about whether you like them because I want to start doing like make up looks and actually going through the step by step process of what I do. So let’s get into it!🎀

First I start with spraying my face with the Mario Badescu facial spray, this is how I prime my face and when I don’t use it I can really see the difference in my make up. If I don’t use it then my make up doesn’t stick or stay on face for a long period of time, whereas when I use it my Makeup sticks and last longer. This spray is by far my favourite as it smells incredible and I can actually see it making a difference with my Makeup unlike some sprays ive used⭐️

Next I move onto foundation, these two foundations in the picture above are my favourite. The two faced foundation is a little darker so I use this more when I’ve fake tanned and then use the MAC one if I’m not as tanned. Both of these foundations have good coverage and work amazingly for me, I love both of the brands and these are always my go to foundations which I recommend endlessly to my friends and family! I use my oval brush to blend this around my face and into my skin.💫

Next is the concealer, I use both of these concealers as one is an undereye Concealer and the other I use on my spots and blemishes. I love both of these concealers and I will always use these. The maybelline undereye concealer is quite light so I do put a bit of the MAC one over the top just to match my foundation a bit more. The concealers are good coverage and I’m so glad I love them because they both work well together, I brought the Maybelline one due to a lot of recommendations and the MAC one I brought because I loved the foundation, both of these I would recommend to anyone🌟

Contour is the next step, I use the Clinique Contour Stick and I put this on my forward, cheekbones and on my nose. I then blend it out with a real techniques Contour brush. I love this contour and I love the colour it gives me. It is very easy to blend out and doesn’t take much time to do unlike some🌙

Next I set my face with the collection Pressed Powder, I love this Pressed Powder and it has been my favourite Pressed Powder since I started applying make up! As you can see I really need to get a new one but every time I’m at the shop i forget! The product does exactly what it needs to and makes my skin feel smooth and soft after I applied it💕

Finally I finish off with bronzer, this I apply on my cheeks and on my forehead, this bronzer is actually a new one that I’ve been using and it is so nice to apply, it’s blendable and goes on so easily! It hasn’t got much pigment but I like that because it’s easily buildable and makes your skin look nice once it’s applied!⭐️

That is my base routine! I hope you all liked it! Let me know in the comments your thoughts and whether there is anything you would like me to review🎀💕 Until next time, Beccy x Ps. Let me know if you would be up to seeing some travel blogs because me and my boyfriend are going to places like Brighton and Birmingham and I would quite like to do a blog on our adventures!⭐️💫

Also if you’ve read this far down in the blog, I’ve now got discount codes!!🙈

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Thank you for all the support💙


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